Decrease of the wind speed in the atmospheric superficial layer. Its influence in the eolic use

Lic. Beatriz C. Martínez Pérez, Lic. Alfredo Roque Rodríguez


This paper has the aims of describe the decrease of the values of wind speed in the atmospheric surface layer in early morning hours and late afternoon hours, at two coastal zones of Cuba, and it influence in wind resource energy use; to show the influence of changing the flow of breezes in reducing wind speed and analyze the behavior of Richardson parameter associated to the same one. Information coming from Towers of Meteorological Reference for the Cuban Eolic Program, located on El Brinco and Caibarién, consisted on temperature and wind speed and direction in 10 m and 100 m levels of both was used. The presence of this particular phenomenon throughout the period selected for the analysis is verified, as well as the noticeable reduction in wind power density that it took place. Another conclusion is that this decrease was influenced by changing breezes flow regime and that it was appreciated in the values reached by Richardson parameter in the morning, mainly when speed values of 10 m and 100 m were very similar. These results allow to deepen more in the knowledge about the wind like energy resource in Cuba, and it can be taken into account in the planning of the maintenance and operation of the eolic farms.


Keywords: Wind, eolic, fl ow of breezes, Richardson, Camagüey


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