Feed intake and milk production associated to heat stress in dairy cattle

MSc. Albeht Rodríguez Vega, Ing. Ayamir M. Agramonte Almanza, Téc. Iomaris Pérez Abraham


Feed intake and milk production in dairy cows are affected when the animals are submitted to heat stress. The aim of this research was to determine the effect of heat stress on feed intake and milk production in dairy cows in Empresa Pecuaria Triángulo 6, in cattle zone of Guaimaro, Camagüey province, for which, it used the values of ITH, obtained for the period 2000-2005. Also it was used the coupled biophysical model of grassland-flock (SPUR 2.2), with the purpose of simulating the evolution of a pasture composed of grasses, legumes and some fodder shrubs, to be able to analyze the influence of the heat stress and the food availability on milk production. The voluntary feed intake was conditioned by the state of comfort of the animals. On dry season the reduction in the voluntary feed intake was lower than in the rainy season. The productive results in the months of the dry season depend heavily on the availability of food, due to during these months the degree of comfort of livestock is favorable. For the months of the rainy season, the level of heat stress the animals are subjected determines the productive results.


Temperature Humidity Index, heat stress, voluntary feed intake


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