Amílcar E. Calzada Estrada, Oscar Onoe Díaz Rodríguez, Raúl Rodríguez Bencomo, Hilario Torres Amador, Jorge Caramazana Olego


An analysis of sea surface temperature (SST) spatial distribution is presented in this work. This was made for geographical area corresponding to Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and close Atlantic Ocean throughout the analysis of monthly charts. The influence of some weather phenomena on the variable behaviour, such as frontal systems and tropical cyclones was analyzed, taking as a reference some control points distributed around Cuban Archipelago. Also, interesting details were obtained as daily and annual average courses were evaluated. Data were extracted from satellite imageries from IFREMER and MERSEA data server (available in Internet). In addition, charts and plots showing significant weather and variation of SST depending on time are included. Finally, several elements allow continuing the study this topic in Cuba and this geographical area were exposed, propitiating future investigations


Sea surface temperature, adjacent seas to Cuba


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