Eugenio Mojena López, Julia Leiva Santos, Gloria Rodríguez Fernández, Antonia Ortega González, Víctor Hugo Bastida Villalobos


The present article is a study from marine currents near to Cuba on the base of the images of the sensor AVHRR of the NOAA Satélites. It is also made a valuation of the impact of the meteorological conditions for a specific situation on these currents and the significance that this effect has in the evolution of a hydrocarbon spill transported by these currents. The images used in this studies were captured by the Satellite stations of the Meteorolical Institute in Havana Cuba, that were processed with the Envi 4. For the analysis of the meteorological information were made a group of maps based on the archive information of the Meteorological Institute ogy.


Marine Currents, Satellitals Images, Meteorological Conditions


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