Lourdes Álvarez Escudero, Israel Borrajero Montejo, Rosendo Álvarez Morales


Given the records of the present weather variable for 63 stations over the Cuban territory the spatial distribution of three variables related to thunderstorms: frequency of occurrence of observations reporting thunderstorms, frequency of occurrence of observations reporting thunderstorms with rain and average number of days with thunderstorms is presented for the whole series and for periods of maximum and minimum occurrence of each phenomenon, The spatial distributions of the variables under study show coincidence at the zones of maxima and minima storm activity. The spatial distribution of the frequency of observations of thunderstorms shows three patterns of behavior with regard to its gradient; in the western end it decreases from North to South, on the Havana and Matanzas provinces it grows from both coasts inland and in the Eastern region it decreases from North to South. Mountain regions show maxima. The ratio between observations of thunderstorms and those of thunderstorms with rain is not constant along the country


Thunderstorms, Spatial Distribution, Present Weather


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