Marcelino Hernández González


The spectral structure of sea level non-regular component of meteorological origin in the synoptic frequency scale is characterized starting from direct measurements. It is determined the areas of the spectrum in which the most intense variations of this component occur, being their main spectral maxima located between 0,22 and 0,24 cpd (T=108,8 h; 4.5 d), and between 0,38 and 0,78 cpd (T=2,9 – 1,3 d). It is concluded that non-regular variations of shorter periods averagely reach greater energy than those of longer periods during the hurricane season. However, variations of longer periods possess greater energy than those of shorter ones in most localities during the months of higher frontal system influence. The analyzed process is characterized by greater average energy during the months of higher frontal system influence than during the hurricane season. No change is observed in the main spectral structure characteristics of sea level non-regular variations of meteorological origin, in the synoptic frequency scale, throughout the analyzed period.


Sea level, non-regular variations, spectral analysis


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